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July 11 2017

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American propaganda works so well that we still have people out here thinking it was totally fine and justified that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, killing well over 100,000 innocent people. It works so well that, even though the United States is the only country to ever use a nuclear bomb in warfare, people think that the United States is still the only qualified entity to invade other countries in order to stop them from having nuclear weapons. It works so well that you can read all about every war crime committed by the United States all around the world, with little to no government censorship, and that STILL doesn’t make people rise up in anger. It works so well that you can read accounts of the CIA or FBI literally trying to brainwash Americans into total subservience and people STILL won’t resist.

Americans put the Soviets to shame in how effective their propaganda is. It’s not even close.

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it's a trump
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R2DWho Cyb3rPO T-Shirt
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July 09 2017

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"Imagine the outrage in the West if this device was used for female babies. Stop cutting those who cannot consent."

Alimed: "Olympic Circumstraint"
"For fast immobilization of newborns. The Circumstraint board’s comfortable contoured shape positions the infant with their hips elevated, effectively presenting the genitalia for the circumcision procedure. The platform between the infant’s legs provides support for a circumcision clamp."
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